Administration Guide

Supporting Pulse One Cloud 2.0.2103

Overview of Pulse One

Pulse One provides unified management of Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure in a single easy-to-use console.

Pulse One, a single, comprehensive management console, offers the superior administrative end-to-end control and visibility needed to manage remote, local and mobile access to any corporate applications. Administrators use its intuitive, role-based console to monitor system health, manage security policies, troubleshoot issues, report on the appliance and device health, and publish appliance and mobile device configuration.

It controls enterprise access to data center and cloud from a single console.

Role-based access - Grants console access and privileges based on IT role and credentials.

Group-based management - Publish software updates, policy changes and configuration provisioning by custom-defined groups. ESAP updates to appliances are also supported.

Centralized administration - Collectively administers multiple appliances without logging into them on a box-by-box basis.

Built-in Mobility Management - Provides basic EMM functionality for iOS and Android devices and management of BYOD and corporate-owned workspaces.

System Dashboard - Assesses the collective health of all appliances and provides security alerts and appliance alarms.

Appliance Dashboard - Provides appliance status with analytics for connectivity, capacity, utilization, and uptime.

Administrator Audit Logging - Tracks administrator changes to appliance configuration.

Monitor and Reporting - Monitors system activity and provides historical reporting.

Deployment - Introduces new features and scales without data center logistics and planning.