Migration of ICS gateways from Pulse One Cloud to Ivanti nSA Cloud

Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access (nSA) is feature rich with enhanced user experience and helps customers modernize their VPN deployments by centralizing Ivanti Connect Secure (VPN) and Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access management. This new cloud-based management approach provides greater control and insights into network and access status.

nSA is a SaaS-delivered, centralized management and reporting platform designed to work with both Ivanti Connect Secure and Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access. It provides a unified interface allowing security admins to manage multiple gateways and/or locations quickly and efficiently. nSA simplifies workflows by consolidating all logging, reporting and activity data to a single pane of glass. Administrators gain powerful analytics tools to review the health status of their deployments as part of their daily routine. Proprietary risk scores identify non-compliant or anomalous user activity, enabling admins to identify risky user activity and react accordingly. Scheduled reports let admins design, customize and schedule reports to arrive in their inbox with the exact data they want to see.


Neuron for Secure Access (nSA) cloud tenant with admin access.

nSA will support both 9.x nSA supported ICS gateway and 22.x gateways. This document describes only 22.x gateways with nSA.

Before we proceed all 9.x ICS gateway should be migrated with 22.x ICS gateway.

There is no direct upgrade from 9.x ICS to 22.x ICS. We can only do the migration. We recommend migrating all 9.x ICS gateways to 22.x ICS gateways.