Release Notes

Supporting Pulse One Appliance 2.0.2103


Pulse One Appliance runs either:

On PSA7000 hardware, OR

As a virtual appliance on VMware ESXi, which is hosted within the customer datacentre.

The Pulse One Appliance enables two capabilities:

1.Pulse One Centralized Management: provides unified visibility and management of Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) and Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) in a single easy-to-use console. It provides the ability to aggregate Syslog data from all Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure appliances running in a customer environment. The Pulse One Appliance UI provides an intuitive method to view reports, write custom queries, and troubleshoot issues.

2.Pulse Workspace (PWS) Mobility Management: enterprise mobility management that support BYOD and corporate-owned devices while respecting user privacy and choice. It encrypts all data at rest, controls data sharing between enterprise apps, wipes corporate data without affecting personal information, and connects directly to the enterprise VPN.

These Release Notes highlight the features that have been added and the known issues in this release.

If the information in the Release Notes differs from the information found in the online documentation set, please refer to the Release Notes as the source of the most accurate information.

Important Note

Please follow the Pulse One upgrade best practices closely to avoid any service disruption. For full details, see the Pulse One Getting Started Guide.