File Rewriting Configuration Guide

File Rewriting

A file resource profile controls access to resources on Windows server shares or UNIX servers.

File rewriting is a standard feature on all Connect Secure devices.

When creating a file resource profile, you must use the following formats when defining a resource policy's primary resource as well as its autopolicy resources.

Windows resources:


UNIX resources:


Within these formats, the three components are:

Server (required) - Possible values:

Hostname - You may use the system variable <username> when defining the hostname.

IP address - The IP address needs to be in the format: a.b.c.d

The leading two back slashes are required for Windows, non-Nfs resources.

Share (required, Windows only) - The system variable <username> is allowed. Note that when the system tries to connect to a Windows file share, it connects to ports 445 and 139.

Path (optional) - Special characters allowed include:


Matches any character. Note that you cannot use the * wildcard character when defining a resource profile's primary resource (that is, the Server/share field for Windows resources or the Server field for UNIX resources).


Matches any character except slash (/)


Matches exactly one character

Valid Windows resources include:




Valid UNIX resources include: