Custom Sign-In Pages Overview

The customizable sign-in pages feature enables you to personalize the look-and-feel of the pre- and post-authentication, password management, and Pulse Secure Collaboration pages that Pulse Connect Secure presents to administrators and end-users. The tasks you can accomplish include:

Customizing the presentation style using CSS or table-based design

Customizing error message text

Redirecting traffic based on error codes

Localizing custom sign-in pages in supported languages

Adding custom HTML help

The system ships with several complete sets of sample custom sign-in pages that you can modify to suit your look-and-feel and behavior. You can download these files from Connect Secure. This document describes the files, their uses, and how to modify them. Connect Secure contains these files in .zip file format. You can download the zip files from the Authentication > Signing In > Sign-in pages > Upload custom sign-in pages page.

You can achieve a good understanding of the process of modifying and uploading your custom sign-in pages by reading through this document completely before attempting to perform the customization. When you feel you have a comprehensive understanding of what is involved, you should consider downloading the file and modifying one or two pages first, just to test your understanding. There is a strong likelihood that you will want to apply a similar look and feel to all of the pages, which you can accomplish fairly simply, if you follow the directions provided in this document. Other tasks, such as redirecting traffic based on errors may require more skill and time.

Custom sign-in pages can potentially require a large amount of memory and disk space. To provide custom sign-in pages, we recommend you customize the sample custom sign-in pages provided.