Noteworthy Changes

The following table describes the major feature changes that are introduced in the corresponding release.



Release 9.1R13

From 9.1R13, Delegation to Network Infrastructure Device related configuration is moved under Network Access configuration. Prior to 9.1R13, the settings were available in Log/Monitoring page under Admin Role.

Release 9.1R11

“Email Notifications” under Configuration > Notification is now modified as “Email Scheduler”.

“Email Notification” page was earlier accessible only if Profiler license is configured and Profiler server is created. Beginning with Release 9.1R11, Email Scheduler page will be available irrespective of Profiler license or server creation. If Profiler is not created, then “Device Discovery” will not be present in the list of report types in email scheduler page.

Release 9.1R10

Host Header enforcement is introduced in 9.1R10. When this option is enabled on the server under System > Configuration > Security > Miscellaneous, the Pulse Client upgrade through PPS may fail. For more information, refer to KB44646.

Release 9.1R3

OAC Client Removal

OAC client is deprecated beginning with Release 9.1R3.


For release 9.1R3, the minimum version of the fingerprints package supported is 41.

NMAP Upgrade

Upgraded NMAP database and Binary for improving the detection and classification of new devices.

SNMP Performance im-provements

Improved endpoint devices detection using SNMP.