Configuring Licenses on the Pulse Policy Secure Appliance

By default, two-user licenses are provided. To add more licenses, the Pulse Policy Secure administrator needs to leverage the Pulse License server.

The Pulse License server can be made available in:

corporate network

cloud network

Pulse License Server in Corporate Network

Pulse License Server in Cloud Network

Pulse Policy Secure virtual machines (VM) are enabled to provision licenses through the Pulse Cloud Licensing Service (PCLS). For this, administrator needs to obtain an Authentication code from Pulse Secure Support and apply it in Download Licenses page of PPS admin console. The PPS also periodically sends heartbeat messages to PCLS for auditing purposes.

The Authentication code can also be specified in the ARM template. When PPS comes up, it automatically fetches the Authentication code.

Adding Authentication Code in PPS Admin Console

Including Authentication Code in ARM Template

Adding Authentication Code in PPS Admin Console

To add Authentication code:

1.Go to System > Configuration > Licensing > Download Licenses.

2.Under On demand license downloads, enter the Authentication code in the text box.

3.Click on Download and Install.

Including Authentication Code in ARM Template

To include Authentication code in the ARM template:

1.In the ARM template, go to the PPSConfig section.

2.For the element <auth-code-license>, enter the Authentication code as the content.

3.Save the template.

For details about the license configuration, refer to License Configuration Guide.