Multi Factor Authentication with Duo

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of security that allows companies to protect against the leading cause of data breach, which happens through compromised credentials. The MFA adds additional security where users must provide extra information or factors for authentication before accessing corporate applications, networks, and servers.

Pulse Policy Secure(PPS) integration with Duo security adds two-factor authentication to PPS login. It uses a combination of primary user name and password along with secondary authentication based on push-notification approval to a mobile device or phone call or other supported authentication methods through Duo Security.

This document explains how PPS integrates with Duo Security to add two-factor authentication to PPS login.

1.Primary authentication is initiated to PPS.

2.PPS sends authentication request to Duo Security’s authentication proxy.

3.Primary authentication is performed using Active Directory or RADIUS.

4.Duo authentication proxy connection is established to Duo Security over TCP port.

5.Secondary authentication through Duo Security’s service.

6.Duo authentication proxy receives authentication response.

7.PPS access is granted.