Pulse Policy Secure Nozomi Networks Integration using HTTP Attribute Server Deployment Guide

This guide describes how Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) fetches Operational Technology (OT) device attributes from Nozomi Networks and use them in role mapping rules to provide network segmentation. The Profiler can fetch the OT device information for visibility purpose. It also describes about how Pulse Policy Secure(PPS) and Nozomi Networks together can provide threat detection and threat response in ICS/OT environment using Admission Control.

Use Cases

The following use cases are supported with PPS and Nozomi networks integration:

1.Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for the endpoints based on the device attributes received from HTTP attribute server (Nozomi Networks).

2.Periodic compliance check for the endpoint using HTTP attribute server.

3.OT devices can be profiled using Profiler.