Steel Belted Radius Server to Pulse Policy Secure Migration Guide

Pulse Secure is a leader in providing the industry's best Next-Gen Network Access Control solutions. Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) with inbuilt RADIUS server offers scalable 802.1X deployment with Role-based access control that reduces network threat exposure and mitigates risks to zero-trust security.

PPS migration tools enable seamless deployment of authentication mechanisms, allowing customers to easily migrate from Steel Belted Radius (SBR) to PPS. Migration tools also provide customers with the flexibility of migrating 802.1X/RADIUS, MAC Address Authentication configurations.

PPS migration helps customers to achieve contextual based endpoint visibility, a much stronger security posture with unified access policies that extend from BYOD systems to their perimeter defenses. Customers are also going to benefit from comprehensive NAC solutions, Visibility, Policy Management, Sponsored-based Guest Access, BYOD/Mobility, Endpoint Compliance, Ecosystem Integrations and Zero-Trust Internet of Things (IoT) Security.