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Licensing process

The licensing process consists of two steps:

1: Import the licenses

  1. When you order your Ivanti Automation licenses, they will be sent as an "Ivanti Automation License file" by e-mail. Save this file to an accessible location.
  2. In the Console, at Setup > Licensing, open the License Wizard and select Add Ivanti Automation license.
  3. Follow the prompts to import the licenses to the Datastore. All new licenses should be imported at once.
  4. At the end of the process, you will be prompted to register your licenses.
    • Evaluation licenses can be registered immediately, but can also be used unregistered until the end of the evaluation period.
    • Corporate licenses need to be registered immediately.
    • Production licenses can be registered within 30 days.

When you have completed the import process, your licenses and all relevant information will be shown in the Licensing node.

2: Register and activate the licenses

When you have imported all your Ivanti Automation licenses, you need to register and activate them. You do not need to do this per license: when you start the registration process with the License Wizard, Ivanti Automation will scan for any license that has not been activated and activate all of them at once. When registering your licenses, a Site ID will be linked to your licenses. The Site ID contains all relevant information about your organization and your Ivanti Automation environment.

  1. In the Console, open the License Wizard and select Register Ivanti Automation license(s) and request activation.
  2. Follow the prompts to register and activate your Ivanti Automation Licenses.
    • The name of your Ivanti Automation Site must be unique in your environment, because it links your licenses to your business.
  3. The last step of the License Wizard is to activate your licenses. Licenses can only be registered and activated through the License Wizard.

When you have activated your licenses, the Licensing node will display an overview of your licenses, including license type, Ivanti Automation edition, site status and the number of licenses that are required and claimed.

If you import any additional Ivanti Automation licenses at a later stage, they can be registered and activated using the procedure as described above. Additional licenses must be registered under the same Site name.

Manual activation

In certain situations, automatic activation of licenses may fail. For example, this may occur when the Ivanti license activation server cannot be reached and certain license types are used. In these situations, Ivanti Automation licenses still need to be activated manually.

  1. In the Console, open the License Wizard and select Register Ivanti Automation license(s) and request activation.
  2. Follow the prompts to register and activate your Ivanti Automation Licenses. When you register your licenses, only one text file will be generated for all licenses. This file needs to be sent to Ivanti, as a request for license activation. There are three ways to do this:
    • Web: e-mail the activation request to Ivanti from the Ivanti website.
    • E-mail: e-mail the activation request to Ivanti directly from an e-mail client on the computer running the Console (requires a configured MAPI-compliant e-mail client).
    • Save to file: save the activation request as a text file that you send to [email protected] (for EMEA) or [email protected] (for US).
  3. After the activation request has been processed, Ivanti will send the activation file to the mail recipient that you specified during registration. The activation file will be sent within 24 hours during workdays, and enables you to activate all licenses.
  4. Save the activation file that you received by e-mail to an accessible location.
  5. In the Console, open the License Wizard again and select Activate Ivanti Automation license(s).
  6. Follow the prompts to activate your Ivanti Automation licenses.

License files and activation files contain crucial information. Do not edit these files, because it will render the files useless.

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