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Exporting Job Results

To export the Job Results using a command line, run the WMC.exe from the command line using the following parameters:







/action= export2xml Same as -export2xml, use one or the other








Export overview results



Export detailed results



  • Export results per Agent (existing files will be overwritten)
  • Only valid in combination with /DetailedResult
  • Output file names generated: Export_<Agent>.xml


RES Software\Workspace Manager

Save location



Wait for job to finish







The Ivanti Automation credentials to access the Console.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Automation\Console\WMC.exe" -export2xml /[email protected][MASTERJOBGUID] /OverviewResult /DetailedResult /WaitForJob /ResultsPerAgent /Destination=C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\Export.xml /user=jsmith /password=secret

  • When exporting the results of a Job, the Variable are included in the XML files for the Agents and/or Teams.
  • It is not possible to export the results of multiple Jobs.
  • You can only execute a command line that exports Job results on Agents on which a Console has been installed.
  • The function @[MASTERJOBGUID] cannot yet be used for Run Books.
  • If the global setting Limit Job Export has been set to Enabled, the export of Jobs is only allowed for Agents to which the administrative role of Console user grants access.

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