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The core of any Ivanti Automation environment is the ability to perform Tasks. Tasks are actions that can be performed by an Agent. With a Task you can, for example, install software on Agents or manage users and groups in Active Directory, but also query security risks on Agents or query mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange servers. Some Tasks are part of an Add-on and can be installed via Ivanti Connectors. In general, all Tasks are performed in the same way. Tasks are configured as part of a Module.

The various query Tasks make it possible to acquire several types of information about Agent machines. The query Task can be combined with another Task that, for example, can be based on the results of that query Task.

Tasks are grouped by functionality in libraries:

  • The library Recently Used contains the 5 most recently used Tasks.
  • The library Configuration contains Tasks that relate to the configuration of a computer, such as applying registry settings, managing service parameters, and performing file operations.
  • The library Provisioning contains Tasks that relate to routine administrative management, such as Active Directory Tasks, Exchange Mailbox Tasks, and the provisioning of applications and services.
  • The library PC Lifecycle Management contains Tasks that relate to managing PC lifecycles, such as applying actions via IBM Endpoint Manager and distributing LANDesk software.
  • The library Virtualization contains Tasks that relate to management of virtual applications and machines, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft App-V, and VMware machines.
  • The library Security contains Tasks that relate to security, such as querying security risks, installing security updates, and managing local groups and users.
  • The library System State contains Tasks that relate to the system state of a computer, such as defragmenting disks, and querying events logs and installed programs.
  • The library Advanced contains advanced Tasks, such as sending SMTP traps and executing Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripts.
  • The library Ivanti Automation contains Tasks that relate to maintaining the Ivanti Automation environment, such as deploying components and deleting Job results.
  • The library Unix/Linux contains Tasks that can be executed by Agents running on Linux and Unix.
  • The library Apple Mac OS contains Tasks that can be executed by Agents running on Mac OS X.
  • The library Software as a Service contains Tasks that relate to provisioning of software services, such as cloud solutions.
  • The library Infrastructure as a Service contains Tasks that relate to infrastructure services, such as creating Virtual Servers via IBM SoftLayer.
  • The library Service Desk Integration contains Tasks that relate to integrating service desk services, such as BMC Remedy, IBM Maximo and ServiceNow.
  • The library Mobile Device Management contains Tasks that relate to managing mobile devices, such as adding devices via AirWatch, Fiberlink and MobileIron.

When you have selected and configured a Task, it is shown on the Tasks tab of the Module. If necessary, you can now add another Task to the Module. All added Tasks will be shown on the Tasks tab. You can change the order of execution with the arrow buttons.

  • When selecting a Task for a Module, you can open all libraries in the Select Task window at once: right-click and select Expand all. To close all open libraries, right-click and select Collapse all.
  • You can also select and open items in the Select Task window using the keyboard. Use TAB and ENTER to go to libraries and topics. To select a Task in a topic, select the relevant topic and type 1 to open the first Task, type 2 for the second Task, etc.
  • You can copy and paste Tasks in a Module or from one Module to another. If a Task contains parameters, only their placeholders will be copied, as text; the corresponding Module parameters will not be copied, but have to be created manually.
  • You can add multiple Tasks to a Module.

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