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License server registration process

This feature becomes available when the Ivanti License Server is released.

The license server registration process consists of two steps:

1: Register to Ivanti License Server

To automate the reporting process via the Ivanti License Server, you need to enable the Ivanti License Server and register your Ivanti Automation site. The Console needs Internet access for a successful registration and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Full version) or higher must be installed.

  1. In the Console, at Setup > Licensing, on the License Server tab, enable the License Server (for Datacenter Server and Desktop - ASP and Corporate licenses only).
  2. Open the Registration Wizard.
  3. Follow the prompts to configure the communication to the Ivanti License Server. The default URL and port number of the Ivanti License Server are provided. You can change the URL and port number if needed.
  4. In the last step, you will be prompted to authenticate with a valid Ivanti Success Center account or a valid registration code. If you log in with a valid account or code, a verification code is shown. Please enter the verification code and click Register.

Your site is registered successfully to the Ivanti License Server. The Register action will be shown in the Status overview. To unregister from the Ivanti License Server, clear the License Server check box.

2: Assign Licensing role to Dispatcher

To have control over which Dispatcher will report the license peak usage to the Ivanti License Server, you need to assign the Licensing role to one or more Dispatchers.

  1. In the Console, at Topology > Dispatchers>Settings tab, enable the Licensing role.

Your Dispatcher is configured to report to the Ivanti License Server. If no Dispatchers have the Licensing role or if all Dispatchers with the Licensing role are offline, a warning message will be shown when the Console user logs in. It is possible to configure a proxy server to route the Internet traffic from the Dispatchers to the Ivanti License Server via the global setting Dispatcher Proxy.

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