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Extracting Automation components from the environment

If you want to extract Automation components from your environment, such as agents, dispatchers, or the Console, you can use the wmc.exe “-export” option:

wmc.exe -export|<GUID>|<path>|

The GUID depends on the component you're exporting and can be one of the following:

Component GUID
Dispatcher x86 {cdaa0516-3eee-43ea-942a-f9af13e64c59}
Dispatcher x64 {50fb1d7f-e43d-4ddb-ac3c-8a4d80ba20bf}
Agent x86 (legacy agent) {20c1a2d5-60e4-4b1d-8c2b-c4a46c35b034}
Agent+ x86 {6B4A4371-5996-4EEF-A641-84300CBBF35A}
Agent+ x64 {D3C33605-C744-4639-86CA-6A8F1BFBE319}
Console {a9484847-ceec-41df-9b5d-64cf0fc9e43f}

The command runs from PowerShell or using the Run command (Win+R). It doesn't work from a command prompt.

Here's a run command example for extracting Agent+ x64. Open the Run command window (Win+R) and enter this command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Automation\Console\wmc.exe" -export|{D3C33605-C744-4639-86CA-6A8F1BFBE319}|C:\Temp\agent+_x64.msi|

Here's a PowerShell command example for extracting Agent+ x64. Open PowerShell and enter this command:

Start-Process "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Automation\Console\wmc.exe" -ArgumentList "-export|{D3C33605-C744-4639-86CA-6A8F1BFBE319}| C:\Temp\agent+_x64.msi |" -wait;

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