Welcome to the Ivanti Automation 2020.3 help

Ivanti Automation increases IT productivity and efficiency by dividing and reducing the workload across all IT skill sets.

Increase Operational Efficiency

With Ivanti Automation, you can streamline complex operations and help free IT staff for strategic projects. You can increase productivity with extensive out-of-the-box knowledge while minimizing ad-hoc, unsecure and complex scripting and provide a central point of automation.

Improve Compliance and Security

With Ivanti Automation, you can control who can make changes to the IT environment with real-time audit capabilities and provide better governance. Patented trust security enables enterprises to automate with increased security and efficiency.

Gain Greater Strategic Value

Ivanti Automation saves costs by enabling quicker and more accurate deployments while leveraging existing technology investments. It eliminates single point of dependencies and empowers anyone to manage anything from simple to complex change requests, with the control required by the expert.

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Further useful information

You can find more documentation at https://help.ivanti.com at the Automation documentation downloads section. Useful reading includes:

  • Introduction to Ivanti Automation: this document explains the concepts of Ivanti Automation.
  • Getting started with Ivanti Automation: this document describes how to configure a new Ivanti Automation environment.
  • Getting Started with Ivanti Automation Agents for Unix/Linux: this document describes how to configure Agents for Unix/Linux.
  • Getting Started with Ivanti Automation Agents for Mac OS X: this document describes how to configure Agents for Mac OS X.