Dispatcher Proxy settings

At Setup > Global Settings, you can define the general settings of your Ivanti Automation environment, and the default settings of Dispatchers and Agents.

Dispatcher Proxy settings

Dispatcher Proxy

Specifies whether the Dispatchers should route the Internet traffic for the Ivanti License Server via the proxy server or not. If enabled, the following fields are to be specified to configure the proxy server:

  • Proxy address (required)
  • Port number (required)
  • Security context (optional)

If disabled, the Dispatchers will check if there are proxy settings configured at user level (for example, proxy settings via GPO using a service account). If so, these settings will be used to communicate with the Ivanti License Server.  If not, the Dispatcher will communicate with the Ivanti License Server directly via the Internet and not via a proxy server.

  • The proxy server configuration in Ivanti Automation will override any other proxy server settings you have set locally when communicating with the Ivanti License Server.
  • For Agent+, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. For the legacy Agent, only IPv4 is supported.