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Ivanti Automation 2021.2 release notes

Known issues

Out of memory error when sorting Ivanti Automation agents in the Automation Console

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Resolved issues

Scheduling a job to an Agent results in executing a job scheduled on boot for the same Agent

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Delete Ivanti Automation Job Results returns an error: Cannot find the object "tmpDJR********" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions

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Variable used in a parameter and in a condition is not working in a runbook when executed from an Agent+

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Get-ResParam is not working when using Project parameter with set function

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Ivanti Automation Agent reports incorrect local time on agent in the Automation Console

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Add-on tasks in Ivanti Automation are not searchable via the Instant Search field

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Several tasks in the Automation Console are missing in the Select Task window

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Condition based on parameter list doesn’t show all values and has incorrect window size

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Automation PowerShell script containing a special character does not function correct

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The PowerShell Core task does not work with double percentage signs

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Running the PSCore command "[System.Environment]OSVersion.Version" does not return correct information

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The Global Variable window is only showing text entries in the Service Properties task

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A Credential type parameter is not working when set with a Global Variable and it is used in a task with a condition to set the parameter value

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What's new

E-mail notification for offline dispatcher(s)

A new Global Setting was introduced where e-mail settings can be configured. When a dispatcher goes offline, an e-mail is sent by the Housekeeping Dispatcher using the configured options to notify the user about the offline dispatcher. The e-mail will contain only the Dispatcher(s) that went offline recently. For example, if the Dispatcher service is stopped manually, an e-mail will be sent within one minute, while if the Dispatcher is killed for whatever reason, it will be reported as offline only after five minutes because the Housekeeping Dispatcher does not know what happened to it and will consider it as offline after five minutes of inactivity.

Add Agents to a Team using a list

All the Agent related views now have a changed Agent Search input field that will accept a list of semicolon separated Agent names. This will facilitate a more flexible way of adding Agents into Teams. If the list contains names that are not present in the environment or more agents correspond to the same name, a pop-up will report these names. If the are more than five names in this list, a file will be created on disk containing the list with the agent names grouped per type of issue.

IMPORTANT: When such list of semicolon separated Agent names is used, the Console will do a exact match search for each name in the list.

Export to CSV

In most views in the Console, you can use the Export to CSV button from the command bar to get the content of the current view into a CSV file. All views from Jobs, Library and Topology sections have this button available, while from the Administration section only the Audit Trail view has it.

Source control for current configuration

Ivanti Automation 2021.2 introduces a new Global Setting where a GitHub/GitLab connection can be configured. Version 2021.2 supports GitHub only, with GitLab support planned for 2021.3.

When using GitHub/GitLab, Console users with write access to the Library section will be able to export the current configuration to GitHub/GitLab source control.

For more information, see this help topic.

Limit the number of parallel jobs

A new Global Setting was introduced to limit the number of parallel jobs. In the Scheduling section of Global Settings, the default number of parallel jobs that can be executed by an agent is 10. Use this setting to allow the Agent to execute a different number of jobs in parallel.

Support VMware Horizon (8) Instant Clones

In this version VMWare Horizon (8) Instant Clones can be used.

PowerShell Core support for MacOS agent

The macOS Agent now supports the execution of PowerShell Core tasks. This requires .NET Core runtime version 3.1 or higher on Agents.

View Agents That Have Not Been Online for a period of time

In the Console's Agents view, a new option was introduced to filter out Agents that have the “Last Contact” before a specific date. This is useful when Agents that are offline for some time need to be removed from the environment and also from AD. Filter out the Agents, export the list as a CSV file, then select all the Agents (CTRL+A) and follow the normal removal process. Use the CSV file to generate a parameter file to be used with the AD Computer (remove) task to remove the computer objects from AD also.

Auto-Create Project or Runbook from selected Module/Project

A new option is available to auto-create a Project or Runbook from a selected Module/Project. Select the source object and right-click on it to access the Create Project and/or Create Run Book options, or click the new options using the command bar buttons. If parameters are present in the source object, links will also be created, of type “both ways”.

WebService (Invoke) task has a Timeout option

Before this version, the timeout was 60 seconds and unconfigurable. In situations where big workloads are generated through the task, use this option to avoid the task failing because of a timeout.

Updated AIX packages

In this version, the AIX packages contain more built-in dependencies. This will ease the deployment of the agent on new systems that have minimal installed packages.

Oracle support re-enabled, Amazon RDS support added

Starting with this version, environments using Oracle DBs will be able to upgrade and make use of the latest features. Also, support for Amazon RDS is added. Make sure an empty Amazon RDS database is referenced in the Connect Wizard.

Global Variable delete checks

When a Global Variable is removed, checks are done to see if it is used as part of a Module/Project/Run Book configuration or if it has any usage in Job History. Global Variables that are part of the current object configuration cannot be removed.

If the Global Variable is not part of any configuration but has Job History usage records (e.g.: it was references at schedule time, as value for a parameter), a message will be presented to the user with this information. In this case, the Global Variable can be removed if the user decides to continue.

New registry keys for controlling Dispatcher behavior

The keys are CheckForChangesInterval, DisablePush, GetBootTime, ConnectionPooling, and ConnectionTimeout. You can see the details here: https://help.ivanti.com/res/help/en_US/IA/2021/Admin/Content/45885.htm

The database revision level was updated to 81

There was a database revision level update for this release.


Ivanti Automation 2021.1 release notes

Known issues

Several tasks in the Automation Console are missing in the Select Task window

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Add-on tasks in are not searchable via the Instant Search field

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Delete Ivanti Automation Job Results returns an error “Cannot find the object tmpDJR because it does not exist or you do not have permissions”

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Resolved issues

The results of a search for Agents are loaded very slowly in the Automation Management web Portal

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The Prepare for image feature is not properly executed until the Ivanti Automation agent has been rebooted

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Error: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' is displayed upon opening a Runbook in the Management Portal

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The parameters are not available when rescheduling a job that was scheduled via the API

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Random Ivanti Automation Agents consume a lot of memory

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The Query Local Group Evaluator does not write the retrieved information to a parameter

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Condition is not evaluated at the reschedule of a job

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Number of agents changes to 0 in an active Ivanti Automation Console

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Checkmark at "user cannot change password" not set when executed via an Ivanti Automation module

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The Automation Download Resource task fails with the error: 'Failed to extract <filename> CRC check failed'

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Linux packages from an older version are removed after running the Automation Upgrade Pack

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Parameter is hidden when scheduling a job if Get-ResParam is used in the PowerShell script

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Job History and Audit Trail filtering is not functional for AzureDB

More information

Filter does not return data if filter criteria contains a specific character

More information

Error: "frmTaskWebService.fxmlLoadWSDLInfo: 91 - Object or variable or With block variable not set" when trying to connect via the Invoke Web Service task

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Error: "Mapping types" appears in the Automation Management Portal upon opening a Module

More information

Ivanti Automation Upgrade Pack does not check for supported MSSQL server versions

More information

Copying and Pasting one or more tasks in a new and empty module will provide an error

More information

The Ivanti Automation 2020.2 or higher console service generates a relevant amount of network traffic

More information

Ivanti Automation condition on task will be remove after copying the task more than once

More information

Ivanti Automation Console hangs when trying to query apply a large registry key

More information

The value of a global parameter in a PowerShell task isn't populated if the name is partially equal to a different parameter

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What's new

Dropped support for RedHat and CentOS v6

Ivanti Automation 2021.1 will not have packages for RedHat v6 and CentOS v6. These versions are no longer supported by the OS vendor.

New Microsoft SCCM task

Ivanti Automation 2021.1 introduces a new task for Microsoft SCCM – query server. This will return any available Applications and Collections from the specified SCCM server. More info here.

PowerShell 7 support for Linux

Ivanti Automation 2021.1 introduces support for Microsoft PowerShell Core 7 on Linux agents. The following packages have Microsoft PowerShell Core 7 built-in:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 x86_64

  • Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64

  • Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64

  • CentOS 8 x86_64

  • CentOS 7 x86_64

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 x86_64

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 x86_64

  • SUSE 15 x86_64

  • SUSE 12 x86_64

The only prerequisite for the PowerShell Core task to properly execute on these agents also is .NET Runtime 3.1+.

Dispatcher Web API support for RBAC

Role-based access control configuration will be taken into account by Ivanti Automation 2021.1 Dispatcher when various Web API calls are executed. Until this version, Web API calls could be made using an Ivanti Automation authentication account with no respect to the account access configuration. That was inflexible and a security risk. In 2021.1, the Ivanti Automation Dispatcher will execute the Web API calls only if the specified account has the appropriate access configured in the Administration > Security section. More info here.

Dispatcher Web API upload/edit/delete resource capability

New Dispatcher Web API calls were added in Ivanti Automation 2021.1 – upload/edit/delete resource from the Datastore. This is useful in situations where the environment management is separated by the rest of the infrastructure (Eg: Agent and Dispatcher machines do not have network connectivity to Console machines). Tools like Postman or PowerShell can be used to upload/edit/delete resources to/from the environment from machines that have access to the Dispatcher. More info here.

Upload resource task

Ivanti Automation 2021.1 introduces a new task – Upload Resource. Multiple resources can be added at the same time using the task. More info here.

Export command line support for modules and projects

Using Ivanti Automation 2021.1, you will be able to generate Building Blocks for a Module or a Project. Set “objecttype” to “module” or “project” and specify the correct object GUID in the “objectGUID” command switch to create a Building Block based on a Module or Project. More info here.

On schedule job notification

When a job is scheduled using the Console, in Ivanti Automation 2021.1 a new tab was introduced to configure the e-mail Notification for the scheduled job. This tab will inherit the Global Settings configuration for SMTP job notifications. This way, the Console user that scheduled the job can set customized notification settings.

Timestamp and usage for Resources and Global Variables

Ivanti Automation 2021.1 Console is able to report when was the last time a Resource or a Global Variable was part of a scheduled job and for how many times the Resource or the Global Variable was part of a scheduled job. Also, Usage tab was introduced for Global Variables. Resources already have this tab available.

All this information will facilitate the Console user the decision to remove Resources and Global Variables from the Datastore.

Various UI improvements
  • Job results extended information: Ivanti Automation 2021.1 Console reports job GUIDs in the Job Results UI.

  • Move to top/bottom: Ivanti Automation 2021.1 Console introduces new buttons to move an object to the top or to the bottom of the list were added. Tasks within a module, modules within a project and jobs within a Run Book can be moved using the new buttons.

  • Cut & Paste: Modules within a Project or Jobs withing a Run Book can be moved on specific location in Ivanti Automation 2021.1 Console using the new Cut & Paste functionality. Simply select the object(s) to be moved, press CTRL + X or select “Cut” from the context menu at right-click, select the object below which the previously selected object(s) should be moved and press CTRL + V or select “Paste” from the context menu at right-click.

  • Agent configuration screen: Help was introduced in the Agent configuration screen to offer better understanding on how this screen can be used, especially when it comes to the new format of dispatcher in the Dispatcher Address List – https://<dispatcher>:3165/<EnvGUID>.

Ivanti now gathers some additional customer data through telemetry

Ivanti now gathers telemetry for these items. For a complete list of telemetry items, see Telemetry.

  • The number of jobs scheduled using the Management Portal

  • The number of times someone is logging in the Management Portal

  • The version of the Management Portal

Improved domain name evaluation at agent logon

A new method was introduced to get the NetBIOS Domain Name value, along with a retry mechanism, to better accommodate situations where this information cannot be found using the already existing methods.

Dropped OrganizationID from Licensing Server configuration

There is no need for the LEA OrganizationID to be configured in the Ivanti License Server anymore in order to make use of the new licensing mechanism.

The database revision level was updated to 80

There was a database revision level update for this release.