Security Context

By default, Ivanti Automation uses the Local System Account to execute a Task. However, the execution of certain Tasks requires credentials, for example to access a file share or an Exchange mailbox. Such credentials go in the Task's Security Context field.

  • The user name should include the domain: domain\user.
  • In Tasks that include a Domain field, this domain is filled out automatically as the default domain in the Security Context. This can be changed to another domain if necessary.
  • Select Remember this for other Tasks to use the credentials in other Tasks as well.

Changing the security context password for all Ivanti Automation tasks at once

If many Tasks in your Ivanti Automation environment use the same security context credentials, and the password changes, it can be tedious to change the password for these Tasks manually. To change the password for all Tasks at once:

  1. Export the Library settings (Resources, Modules, Projects, Run Books) to a Building Block. This Building Block serves as a Building Block.
  2. At Library > Modules, open a Module and change the security context password of one specific Task.
  3. Export the Library settings (Resources, Modules, Projects, Run Books) to a Building Block.
  4. Open the Building Block in a text editor.
  5. Use the Search functionality to search for the changed security context password of the Task. The password is encrypted.
  6. Copy the password and use the Search and Replace functionality to replace the encrypted passwords with the one from the changed Task.
  7. Save the changed Building Block (in XML format).
  8. In the Console, import the Building Block again into the Library node. When prompted, select the original GUID options.
  9. When the Building Block is imported, check your changes to see whether the actions succeeded. If you are not happy with the result, you can import the original Building Block and revert to your old settings.