Configuring Ivanti Workspace to use Windows Authentication using a Task "Manage Service Properties"

Suppose you want to configure the Ivanti Workspace Agent Service to connect to an Ivanti Workspace Datastore on a Microsoft SQL Server using Windows Authentication. You can do this manually, by changing the settings for EACH Ivanti Workspace Agent. You can also do this with a Task Manage Service Properties, as long as the computer on which an Ivanti Workspace Agent is installed is also an Ivanti Automation Agent.

  1. Configure a Task Manage Service Properties.
  2. Click the Settings tab and select Change Service Account.
  3. Click Browse button in the Service name field. This opens the Select Service window.
  4. Select the service to which the changes should apply (RES) and click OK.
  5. Select This account and enter the account and its credentials that should be used to run the Ivanti Workspace Agent Service.
  6. Click OK and execute the Task on all computers on which Windows Authentication should be used.