Securing Modules, Projects and Run Books using parameters

With parameters, control over Job scheduling can be secured. For example, you can:

  • use parameters to allow users with a specific administrative role to schedule Jobs and provide parameter values, but prevent them from changing Modules, Projects and Run Books.
  • use parameters to protect Modules, Projects and Run Books with passwords that need to be provided during Job scheduling.

Securing Job scheduling with an administrative role

  1. Configure the Modules, Projects or Run Books with parameters.
  2. At Administration > Security, create an administrative role with read-only access to the nodes Modules, Projects, Run Books, Agents and Teams, and full access to the Job Execution node.
  3. Assign this administrative role to login accounts. Users will be able to schedule Modules, Projects and Run Books, and can provide values for all parameters in the input window. However, they will not be able to edit Modules, Projects or Run Books.

Securing Job scheduling with passwords

  1. Configure the Modules, Projects or Run Books by adding a Password parameter. It is not necessary that this parameter is actually used in a Module, Project or Run Book.
  2. Create a Module, Project or Run Book condition based on the value of the Password parameter.
    • Make sure the Task, Module or Run Book Job is skipped if the person scheduling it does not provide the correct value for a password parameter.