The Unattend files

WDS has split the unattended configuration over two files:

  • WinPE.xml: This file is only used in the Windows PE phase of the setup and determines the connection to the WDS server, the image to be used and the disk configuration. You may change the disk partitions in this file. This file uses credentials to connect to the WDS server. These credentials will not be traceable on the target system, because this XML file is destroyed during the second phase of the installation.
  • PostPE.xml: This file is used after the reboot of the Windows PE phase. It contains a password of the local administrator account. Please note that this line will automatically be removed, so no worries about security.

    The machine name is a parameter %MACHINENAME%, which will automatically be replaced by WDS. WDS also takes care of the credentials to add the machine to the domain. The RunSynchronous section of the "Specialize" phase contains the installation of the Ivanti Automation client. The MSI file is assumed to be in a C:\temp folder. It is therefore important to place the MSI file in this folder before deploying the image (use DISM to modify the image).