Job (Postpone)

Use the Task Postpone Job to postpone the execution of a Job. This temporary delay can be determined by the Console user on the Agent that executes the Job and/or by a pre-defined time period.

  • Allowing Console users to decide whether the execution of a Job should continue can be useful if it is more convenient that the Job is executed at a later stage, for example if the bandwidth at the user's location is not sufficient to install certain software or if the Console user is presenting a company-wide presentation. In this scenario, the Task Postpone Job should always be the first Task that is executed in a Job.
  • Specifying how long an Agent should wait before continuing with the Job can be useful if a Ivanti Automation Task fails because a previous Task has not yet been completed. For example, when a dcpromo with answerfile takes a long time before it is finished, Ivanti Automation may start its succeeding Task too early. Because dcpromo reboots the system when it has finished, this causes the succeeding Task that has already started to fail. In this scenario, schedule the Task Postpone Job in between these two Tasks.


  • When selecting Let console user continue Job, a popup window will be shown in the session of Console users. They can use this window to continue the Job immediately, if necessary.
    • Select Allow console user to cancel Job to allow Console users to cancel the Job. This will abort the active Job.
    • Select Skip Task if no console user is logged on to skip the Task Postpone Job and execute the remaining Tasks in the Job immediately if no console users are logged on to the Agent.
  • Select Automatically start execution after to set a time limit after which the Job will be executed. This will execute the Job after the set time limit, and ignores any postpone actions of the Console user.