Resource (Download)

Use the Task Download Resource to download Resources to Agents, for example to pre-cache large files or to send a specific version of a DLL file to Agents on which it is needed.


  • When you select the option Enable logging, the detailed Job History will include a log.
  • By default, Resources are downloaded to the Agent cache, but you can specify a different destination folder for the Resource.
  • You can use environment variables when specifying the destination folder.
  • Resource packages will only be extracted when downloaded if a destination folder has been specified.
  • If the network connection fails during execution of the Task, the download will be retried 10 times. If the network connection cannot be reestablished before the 10th attempt, the Job status will be set to "Failed Halted".
  • When a Task uses a Resource, it will first check whether that Resource is available in the Agent cache. If the file is available (and it is the same version as the one stored centrally), the Task will use the cached Resource instead of downloading it from the Datastore. This makes it possible to pre-cache a Resource to the relevant Agents using the Task Download Resource, so that another Task, such as the Task Invoke Windows Installer, can use it later.
  • After use, downloaded Resources that were placed in a custom location (not the Agent cache) can be removed with the Task Perform File Operations.