Audit Trail

At Administration > Audit Trail, you can view all actions performed in Ivanti Automation. This information includes changes to any object in the environment and Ivanti Automation upgrades.

An Audit Trail is available on three levels:

  • Global: All actions.
  • Category: A category of objects (all Consoles/Dispatchers/Agents, etc.).
  • Object: A specific object (Console/Dispatcher/Agent, etc.).

Pointers for use

  • Use the drop down field to customize the number of Audit Trail results that are shown per page.
  • Use the navigation buttons to browse through the various Audit Trail pages.
  • To refresh the Audit Trail list, press F5.
  • To clear the Audit Trail completely, right-click the list and click Clear Audit Trail. You can protect this option with a password. See Global Settings.
  • To view the Audit Trail of all items in a specific node, right-click the node and choose Audit Trail.
  • To view the Audit Trail of a specific item, edit the item and click the Audit Trail tab.
  • When the number of Audit Trail results exceeds 32,000, these results will be truncated.
  • The Audit Trail is only updated automatically while on page 1. When browsing to a different page, the Audit Trail is not updated with new results, until page 1 is reached again.
  • When closing the Console, your selection is saved.
  • When the Audit Trail contains a large number of results, (e.g. 20,000+) the loading of Audit Trail results is slow on Datastores based on Microsoft SQL Server.