Citrix Workflow (Invoke)

Use the Task Invoke Citrix Workflow to execute Citrix workflows on Agents.

Citrix Workflow Studio is an infrastructure process automation platform that integrates components across the Citrix Delivery Center, including Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer and Netscaler. Citrix Workflow Studio enables you to create, schedule, run, and manage workflows related to administrative tasks that span multiple products.

Using Ivanti Automation to handle Citrix workflows makes it easy to schedule Citrix workflows on many computers (Agents). The same version of the Citrix workflow is executed in the same manner across the entire set of Agents, ensuring consistent results. You can schedule Citrix workflows in Ivanti Automation by creating a workflow in Citrix Workflow Studio, exporting it as a .ZIP file and storing it as a Ivanti Automation Resource.

When a Task Invoke Citrix Workflow is executed, Ivanti Automation monitors the Citrix Workflow and reports the workflow status of the executed workflow at Jobs > Job History.


  • The workflow resource is the Resource that contains the Citrix workflow (.ZIP format).
  • The account that you specify in the Security context field must have sufficient permissions to deploy, schedule and start Citrix workflows on the Agent(s).
  • Optionally, you can specify a file that Ivanti Automation should grab during execution of the Task, for example a file with specific information that is created during execution of the workflow. The contents of this file is shown on the Grab File tab in the Job History. You can replace folder names with their associated environment string by right-clicking the field.
  • Select Wait for completion timeout and specify a timeout if it is not necessary or desirable that Ivanti Automation waits for the Citrix Workflow to be completed before completing the Task. This option is useful if completion of the Citrix Workflow takes a long time, but it is not necessary to wait for its results before continuing with the next Task in a Job. When selected, Ivanti Automation will fail the Tasks that are not completed within the preset timeout period, while the Citrix Workflow will continue.
  • A period of time after which an error condition is raised if some event has not occurred. A common example is sending a message. If the receiver does not acknowledge the message within some preset timeout period, a transmission error is assumed to have occurred.
  • Any Citrix Workflow properties need to be specified on the Workflow Properties tab. When specifying Workflow Properties, you can use parameters, functions and variables.

The Task Invoke Citrix Workflow requires the following software on an Agent:

  • Citrix Workflow Studio 2.0.1 runtime
  • Citrix Workflow Studio 2.0.1 Activity Libraries