Invoke Microsoft App-V Client

Use the Task Invoke Microsoft App-V Client to preload and publish Microsoft App-V application caches to Agents.

Ivanti Automation supports Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-v) 4.5 and 4.6.


  • This Task requires credentials that have permissions to modify the user profiles directory. (The Ivanti Automation Agent service typically runs under the Local System account, which has no privileges to access the user profiles directory.)
  • With the option Clear application cache, all preloaded applications will be deleted from the application cache, and the published applications will also be cleared from the Start menu and Desktop.

It can be useful to combine this Task with a Task Query Microsoft App-V Client, to obtain an overview of all preloaded applications on the Agents. For example, this allows you to preload a missing Microsoft App-V application or remove the application cache, based on the query results.