Manage Computer Properties

Use the Task Manage Computer Properties to manage the computer properties of Agents. These properties identify a computer on the network.


  • Use Change Computer Security Identifier to apply a new SID to the computer. This is useful if you use disk duplication software and you need to ensure the uniqueness of an SID. The computer needs to be rejoined to the domain after it has rebooted. Changing computer SIDs is not yet supported for x64-systems.
  • Use Change primary DNS Suffix to apply a new primary DNS suffix to the computer. The default setting for the local primary DNS suffix of the computer is the same as the Active Directory domain name. If you change the DNS suffix, the domain membership of the computer will not be affected. If you enter a DNS suffix different from the Active Directory domain name, you must register the new full computer name in the Active Directory domain.
  • For the option Change (physical) NetBIOS name > based on list of MAC addresses, upload a Resource that is a comma-separated file (CSV) containing a list of MAC addresses and their intended NetBIOS names.

    When the Task Manage Computer Properties is executed on an Agent, Ivanti Automation will identify the Agent's MAC address and will change the computer's NetBIOS name to the matching name given in the CSV file. This can be useful if you have a supply of anonymous computers in storage, identified only by their MAC address, and you want to give each computer a department-related name when it is delivered to a user.

  • You can only join a computer to a different domain or workgroup if you change its computer name first (because a computer can only be a member of one domain at a time).
  • If you join a computer to a workgroup, but it is already a member of a domain, the computer is automatically removed from the domain.
  • If you add a computer to a different domain, it needs to be rebooted twice for the policy settings to take effect: the first reboot copies the policy settings from the domain to the computer; the second reboot causes the policy settings to take effect. You can schedule these reboots by following the Task Manage Computer Properties with a Task Reboot Computer.
  • If changing the NetBIOS name of a computer, please note that it can have a maximum of 15 characters.
  • After successfully changing the computer name, the computer should be rebooted immediately afterwards to avoid losing access for domain users. You can schedule this reboot by following the Task Manage Computer Properties with a Task Reboot Computer.