Parameters (Query)

Use the Task Query Parameters to view the values that Module parameters had when a Job was executed on one or more Agents. This Task is particularly useful in a Module where the value of one or more parameters is set depending on Conditions or Evaluators.

The results of this Task are presented per Agent and can be sorted per parameter. This Task is available for Windows and non-Windows Agents (Unix/Linux and macOS).


  • If no parameters are shown, this means that no Module parameters are available (yet). When no Module parameters are available, the Evaluators tab is grayed out.
  • By default, all Module parameters are reported in this Query. To exclude specific Module parameters from the Query results, clear Show all parameters in Query summary and then clear specific check boxes.

You can only use this Task for Module parameters. If the Module is included in a Project with Project parameters, the Project parameters will overrule the values of the Module parameters.