Query Microsoft App-V Client

Use the Task Query Microsoft App-V Client to obtain an overview of the Microsoft App-V applications that are loaded on Agents. This allows you to create a report of the cached applications and the log files that are used by Microsoft App-V.

For example, you can check whether Adobe Acrobat is preloaded on all Agents. If not, you can configure a Task Invoke Microsoft App-V Client to preload the application based on the Query results.

Ivanti Automation supports Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-v) 4.5 and 4.6.


  • To query the cached applications of a specific user on an Agent, specify a user account in the Security context field.
  • To query all cached applications on an Agent, leave the Security context field blank.
  • Only Agents on which SoftGrid Client 3.1 or higher is installed can perform this Task. For more information about Microsoft App-V, see the Microsoft App-V website.
  • If you schedule a recurring Job with this Task and view the results of this Job, the Job History tab in the detailed results window will display changes as they occur when comparing the query results with previous query results. Depending on the configuration of the query, this allows you to track changes in installed applications, printer drivers, services, shares, etc.