Reboot Computer, Shutdown Computer

Use the Tasks Reboot Computer and Shutdown Computer to reboot or shut down Agents automatically. A restart is often required after the installation of new software or when a computer has been moved to a different domain.


  • In the Tasks Reboot Computer, the option Reboot computer after shutdown is enabled by default.
  • In the Tasks Shutdown Computer, the option Reboot computer after shutdown is disabled by default.
  • With the option Display Duration, you can specify how long the shutdown dialog box message will be shown in the Console. You can display a time duration in seconds between 1-999 seconds. The specified time will also affect the moment at which the shutdown timeout starts.
  • With the option Force close of running applications, you can decide how the task will handle running applications.

    If this option is disabled, the timeout option will be disabled also and a default timeout of five minutes will be used. If the timeout passes and the shutdown did not happen, the task will be failed.

    If this option is enabled and a zero timeout used, the task will immediately try and shutdown by forcing opened applications to close.

    If this option is enabled but there is a non-zero timeout, the task will first try to shutdown without forcing applications to close. If the timeout expires and the reboot or shutdown hasn't happened, applications will then be forced to close so the task can complete.

  • With the option Wait for Agent to come back online, you can specify whether a Job should wait after a reboot with continuing with the next Task in the Job until the Agent has come back online. This option is enabled by default. It can be useful to disable the option in scenarios in which the computer on which the Agent is running switches to a different OS after a reboot and a different Agent comes online. This prevents Ivanti Automation from waiting until the original Agent comes back online.
  • With the option Shutdown timeout , you can specify how long it will take before any running applications that are still running during the execution of this Job are forcibly closed. You can display a time duration in seconds between 1-999 minutes.