Set Windows Shell

Use the Task Set Windows Shell to change the desktop shell of computers on which Ivanti Workspace and/or Ivanti Subscriber for VDX is running. This Task also applies to computers running Ivanti Subscriber.


  • If you set Ivanti Subscriber as shell, the Ivanti Subscriber for VDX Menu will completely replace the local desktop. This applies to the computer, regardless of the user who logs on.
  • It can be useful to combine this Task with the Task Query Windows Shell, to check which shells are currently in use in a Ivanti Workspace environment and to change the shells, based on the query results.
  • You can only run this Task on workstations.
  • When changing the shell, the application and/or Resources to which the shell refers need to be installed on the Agents.
  • When changing the shell to Ivanti Subscriber, Ivanti Subscriber or Ivanti Subscriber for VDX must be installed and configured on each local computer where virtual desktop applications need to be available. For more information about Ivanti Subscriber for VDX, please refer to the Getting Started with Ivanti Subscriber for VDX, available at at the Downloads sections.