Special permissions

At Administration > Security, you can manage access to the functionality in the Console. Because any set of changes to the IT environment of your organization can be delivered from the Console, it is important to prevent unauthorized access, in order to prevent that these changes lead to unexpected and undesired results.

When you configure administrative roles, certain sections in the Console have additional functionality to which access permissions can be assigned.


  • Select Allow Remote Console to allow the Remote Console functionality in Ivanti Automation for the administrative role. This option is disabled by default for new administrative roles. You can also set the availability of the Remote Console as a Global Setting.
  • Select Inherit permissions from primary team if no explicit access has been set to assign the access permissions of a primary Team to Agents. In large Ivanti Automation environments with many Agents at multiple sites, this makes it much easier to assign access permissions for an administrative role to a specific set of Agents at a specific site: by selecting the option and assigning explicit access permissions to a primary Team, all Agents that belong to this Team will inherit its access permissions. For example, this makes it possible to configure administrative roles that grant Read or Modify access to the primary Team, yet Deny access to the Agents node. When a user logs on with such an administrative role, only Agents that belong to the Team to which the user has Read or Modify access will become available; other Agents will not be available.


  • Select Limit task details when read permissions are set to hide detailed information of Tasks when a user's administrative role only has Read access to the Modules node. This prevents unqualified personnel from obtaining crucial information about scripts and other Tasks (does not apply to Query Tasks). If you select the option:
    • only regular tabs of a Task (Properties tab, Module Parameters tab, Conditions tab) will be shown when viewing the Task in the Modules node or when scheduling a Job.
    • it is not possible to create Building Blocks of Modules.
    • information in an Instant Report about Tasks will be limited.


  • Select Override launch window to make the option Override window and continue Job available when scheduling a Job. The option Override window and continue Job is part of the Scheduling setting If outside launch window and allows Console users with these permissions to override any launch windows during Job scheduling. See Scheduling for more information about launch windows.