Unattended Installation (Perform)

Use the Task Perform Unattended Installation to run unattended installations automatically. This Task is particularly useful for installing software that has not been packaged as an MSI and has to be installed with a number of command line switches.

The unattended installation of non-MSI packages often requires the use of specific switches and parameters. Make sure that this information is available.


  • In the Parameters field on the Settings tab, enter the relevant command line switches that are required to perform an unattended installation. See the documentation of the software that you want to install.
  • If necessary, enter the credentials that are required to perform the installation in the Username and Password field. If you do not specify credentials, the installation will be performed by the default system account.
  • Optionally, click Browse button in the Optional grab log file field to grab the log file that is created by the unattended installation on the Agent. The contents of this file is shown on the Grab File tab in the Job history.

It can be useful to combine this Task with the Task Query Installed Programs, to obtain an overview of all applications that have been installed on an Agent and to perform an unattended installation of an application based on the query results.