Windows Installer Package (Install, Repair, Patch, Remove)

Use the Tasks Windows Installer Package to install, repair, patch or remove MSI packages on Agents. These Tasks automatically convert the options that you select into a command line, and execute this command line.


  • On the Parameters tab, any specified parameters are not related to those specified on the tab Module Parameters.
    • Use the Public Properties area to specify any properties that should be applied to the specified MSI package.
    • When configuring a property, click Browse button to select from a list of frequently used public properties. Use this list to select:
      • General properties
      • Microsoft App-V Client/SoftGrid Client properties (Microsoft SoftGrid Client 3.1 or later)
      • Ivanti Workspace properties (Ivanti PowerFuse Series 8 or later)
      • Ivanti Workspace Relay Server properties (Ivanti Workspace Manager 2012 Relay Server or later)
      • Ivanti Identity Director properties (Ivanti IT Store 2014 or later)
    • Use the Transforms list area to select MST files that are contained in a Ivanti Automation Resource Package.
  • On the Logging tab, you can select which items should be logged (if any).
    • When enabled, the Log file will be shown in the detailed Job history.
    • Select Remember as default to store your logging settings as default for all new Tasks Invoke Windows Installer.
  • Patching MSI packages requires Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 or higher.
  • You can select multiple patches at once.
  • You can use this Task to install Ivanti Workspace and to install Ivanti Identity Director. This can be useful if you need to install Ivanti Workspace, the Ivanti Workspace Relay Server or Ivanti Identity Director on several computers at once. Please refer to the corresponding Administration Guide or Help for more information about the public properties that can be applied to a Ivanti Workspace, a Ivanti Workspace Relay Server or Ivanti Identity Director installation file.

It can be useful to base the execution of this Task on the results of the Task Query Installed Programs, with which you can obtain an overview of all applications installed on an Agent. For example, this allows you to decide on which Agents updates need to be installed, and on which Agents this is not necessary.