Agent Job History tab

At Topology > Agents, you can set up and manage Agents. Use the Job History tab to view details of Jobs that were executed by the Agent, to reschedule Jobs and reapply Job history and to delete the Job history of the Agent.


  • Use the drop down field to customize the number of Jobs that are shown per page.
  • Use the navigation buttons to browse through the various pages.
  • To schedule (part of) the Job history of the Agent as a Job on another Agent or a Team, click Reapply Job history. With this functionality, all actions that were performed on the Team will be performed on the target Agent(s). This can be useful to bring a clean, new Agent up to a specific configuration.
  • To reschedule a Job, right-click it and click Reschedule Job.
  • To delete the entire Job history of the Agent, click Delete Job History. If many snapshots of an Agent are made, for example by using a provisioning server, the Job history of such Agents can become very large and may contain many obsolete entries. In such situations, it can be desirable to clean up the Job history of the Agent. If you delete the Job history of an Agent, its entire Job history is deleted. This is irreversible.
    • Alternatively, you can delete the Job history of an Agent by right-clicking the Agent in the Agents list and selecting Delete Job History) or by scheduling a Job with a Task Delete Ivanti Automation Job Results.