Module Parameters tab

At Library > Modules, you can configure and manage Modules. Modules are containers for the Tasks that you can execute on Agents. Modules hold information about how these Tasks should be executed, such as Task settings, order of execution of Tasks, parameters and conditions. When configuring Modules, use the Module Parameters tab to manage the parameters in all Tasks in the Module.

The Module Parameters tab gives an overview of all parameters of all Tasks in the Module. With Module parameters, you can parameterize various settings in a Task. Because each Task is part of a Module, you can use the same Module parameter in all Tasks of the Module: This is useful if similar settings in multiple Tasks share the same value (e.g. a specific user name or password). See Module parameters.


  • If you delete Module parameters that are used in one or more Tasks and/or other parameters, you have the option to replace all references to the parameter with its current value.
  • Use the arrow buttons to change the order in which Module parameters are presented at input moment.
  • Click Cleanup to delete Module parameters that are not used by any Task in the Module.