LANDesk (Distribute Software)

Use the Task Distribute Software with LANDesk to invoke LANDesk software distribution tasks on Agents on which a LANDesk agent is running. LANDesk allows you to distribute, configure and manage software across virtual, distributed and mobile environments.

You can also use this Task to delegate control over the distribution of LANDesk software packages, for example in scenarios in which helpdesk employees are allowed to distribute packages, but are not allowed to access the LANDesk Management Console itself.

Ivanti Automation supports integration with LANDesk 9.5.


  • Use the MBSDK Web Service field to specify the MBSDK Web Service that should be used. If the computer on which you are running the Console also has a LANDesk agent installed, Ivanti Automation will automatically detect the MBSDK Web Service in your network.
  • Use the Security context field to specify the required credentials to access the MBSDK Web Service.
  • Use the Distribution package field to select the software package that should be distributed to the target computer. This package contains the files and settings necessary to install a specific software package.
  • Use the Push delivery method field to specify how the distribution package will be delivered to the Agent. This list will be populated with the delivery methods available on the LANDesk server.
  • Choose whether Ivanti Automation should Wait for the software distribution to finish before continuing with a subsequent Task or Job on the Agent.
  • This Task requires a LANDesk agent to be installed on the target computer.
  • For more information, see the LANDesk documentation.