Command Bar

The command bar features an easy accessible button bar that is visible throughout the Console, below the menu bar. It contains the most frequently used functions and features:


  • Clicking Home_button will take you to the top node of the Console.
  • Clicking Backward button and forwd_16 allows you to retrace your steps back and forth through the Console, similar to back/forward buttons in an Internet browser. You can retrace to up to 20 steps.

Advanced functions

The command bar replaces the buttons formerly used in feature windows (such as New, Edit, Delete, etc.). Depending which node is selected, different advanced functions are available in the command bar.

Common actions and support

In the command bar you will find the general buttons for Instant Reports, Building Blocks, Audit Trail, Video Tutorials and Help. Certain buttons, such as Instant Reports and Building Blocks, contain a drop-down menu with additional options.

You can use shortcut keys to perform actions from the command bar. For example:

  • <Alt> + N: Create a new object
  • <Alt> + E: Edit an existing object
  • <Ctrl> + T: Audit Trail
  • <Ctrl> + H: Home
  • <Ctrl> + <-: Back
  • <Ctrl> + ->: Forward
  • <Ctrl> + F: Search