Project Parameters tab

At Library > Projects, you can configure and manage Projects. By combining several Modules into one Project, the Modules in the Project can be scheduled as one Job instead of a series of separate Jobs. When configuring Projects, use the Project Parameters tab to manage the Module parameters in the Project.

When you combine multiple Modules into a Project, you can link any Module parameters in these Modules to corresponding Project parameters. With a linked Project parameter, input is requested only once. When linking a Project parameter to a Module parameter, you can specify which action should be performed at the input moment. This action determines which value should be used by the parameters. See Project parameters.


Project Parameters > Parameters tab

  • Click AutoCreate to create Project parameters automatically. During creation, you will also be asked if you also want to link the Project parameters to matching Module parameters automatically.
  • Use the arrow buttons to change the order in which Project parameters are presented at input moment.
  • Click Cleanup to delete Project parameters that are not linked to any Module parameter in the Project.

Project Parameters > Links tab

  • To link a Project parameter to one or more Module parameters manually, select a Module parameter and drag it to a Project parameter. After this, click Action to specify which action should apply to the link. Alternatively, you can specify which action should apply to the link by editing the properties of the Project parameter (on the Links tab of the Add Project Parameter window).
  • To link all unlinked Module parameters to matching Project parameters automatically, click AutoLink. This automatically links existing Project parameters to matching Module parameters of the same name and type. If no matching Project parameters exist yet, you will be asked if you also want to create these automatically. AutoLinked Project parameters use the default link action Set initial value.
  • Linked Module parameters are shown below the Project parameter to which they are linked; unlinked Module parameters are listed separately.
  • To unlink a linked Module parameter, right-click the linked Module parameter and click Delete. This will only delete the link; not the Module parameter itself.
    • Alternatively, you can delete links by dragging it to Not Linked at the top of the list.