Error control for Tasks

Error control for Tasks in a Module

If a Module contains several Tasks, error control determines what should happen if one of those Tasks fails.

  • With the option Stop Job on error, Ivanti Automation will stop if a Task fails. The remaining Tasks in the Module will not be started.
  • With the option Continue Job on error, Ivanti Automation will move on to the next Task in the Module.

You can set this per Task, on the Task's Properties tab.

Error control for actions in a Task

Tasks related to Active Directory, Exchange mailboxes, VMware ESX Virtual Machine and Files can contain several actions, for example moving and renaming a number of files. For these Tasks, an extra option Ignore errors is available on the Task's Settings tab. With this option selected, Ivanti Automation will continue executing the configured actions, even if one of those actions fails. For example, if one of the files cannot be moved, this will produce an error, but Ivanti Automation will proceed with the next files to be moved. Without this option, the entire Task will fail if one action fails.

The default value of error control for Tasks is Stop Job on error, except for the following Tasks, in which the default value is Continue Job on error:

  • Query Computer Properties
  • Query Disk Space
  • Query Installed programs
  • Query Service Properties
  • Query TCP/IP Properties