Task Visibility

At Setup > Task Visibility, you can configure which Tasks are visible in the Select Task window for all Console users. The Select Task window is shown when adding a new Task to a Module.

When the Task Visibility option is selected a preview of all available Tasks in the Select Task window is shown on the right-hand side. To configure, right-click the option Task Visibility and select Edit (or click the Edit button in the command bar). In the Edit Task Visibility window, select the check box to show a specific Task or clear the check box to hide a specific Task. For an up-to-date preview of all available Tasks in the Select Task window, make sure the Edit Task Visibility window is closed.

Please be aware that the option Task Visibility is not related to the security of your Ivanti Automation environment. When you hide a Task, existing Modules and scheduled Jobs can still contain these hidden Tasks. Also, Modules with hidden Tasks may still be configured, deleted or duplicated from that Module. For example, when hiding the Task Shutdown Computer, you are still able to configure the shutdown options from the Task Reboot Computer. In addition, Building Blocks have no relation with the configuration of Task Visibility. When you import a Building Block containing a Module, you can run the Modules even if specific Tasks are hidden on the system where it is imported.

Please note that new Tasks (when installed via an Add-on) are visible by default. Upgraded Tasks will keep their configuration on Task Visibility.