Tasks specific for Add-ons

The Tasks specific for Add-ons are available for several library categories, such as Mobile Device Management and Virtualization. You can install the Add-ons manually via Ivanti Connectors. With these Ivanti Connectors you can increase your automation capabilities based on different technologies or vendors.

Each Add-on contains one or more Tasks grouped per object. For example, the Ivanti Connector (formerly known as Automation Pack) for Mobile Device Management contains the Add-on for AirWatch. The AirWatch Add-on contains the Task Add AirWatch Device, Wipe AirWatch Device, etc. To open the Help for the Add-on, view or edit the Task of the Add-on in the Console and press F1.

Go to Setup > Add-ons for an overview of all installed Add-ons and to remove the Add-ons from the Datastore.

Go to https://marketplace.ivanticloud.com/ to download Ivanti Automation Connectors.

Add-ons for Core Pack

The Ivanti Automation Core Pack is automatically installed in your Ivanti Automation environment and contains Tasks such as Write Event Logs and Unix/Linux User Management. To open the Help for the Core Pack, view or edit the specific Task and press F1.