In Ivanti Automation 10.1 and later versions, Ivanti is monitoring the functionality that is used within the product. This allows us to prioritize the areas that we focus our development efforts on. That way, we have:

  • More visibility on how the product is used amongst the different customers
  • Better grip on deployment of new Agents, and used operating system versions
  • More accurate information on systems used by our customers to make informed decisions about the deprecation of features or functionality
  • Steady adoption rate of the Management Portal

See also: Telemetry tasks of Dispatcher

Complete list of collected data provided to Ivanti

  • Site GUID
  • License information (type, usage, isILS)
  • Job History count and source (if scheduled using the Management Portal)
  • Database Level
  • Version of Ivanti Automation
  • Edition (Full, Evaluation)
  • AES Encrypted (Yes/No)


  • Number of Dispatchers
  • Version of Dispatchers
  • Operating System of Dispatchers
  • Operating System Version of Dispatchers
  • .NET Framework Version on Dispatchers

Agents (detailed for legacy Agents, Agents+, Linux Agents and macOS Agents):

  • Total Number of Agents
  • Number of Agents
  • Version of Agents
  • Operating System of Agents
  • Operating System Version of Agents
  • .NET Framework Version on Agents


  • Database Type
  • Database Version


  • Task Name
  • Number of times used
  • Query Name
  • Number of times used
  • Tasklet name
  • Number of times used
  • Installed Addons (Connectors)
  • Dispatcher WebAPI settings

Management Portal:

  • The number of times someone is logging in the Management Portal

  • The version of the Management Portal