Ivanti Identity Director

At Setup > Ivanti Identity Director, you can integrate Ivanti Identity Director (or Ivanti Service Store) into your Ivanti Automation environment.

As soon as you have enabled and validated the Ivanti Identity Director integration, you will receive complimentary licenses for Ivanti Identity Director. The Ivanti Identity Director licenses are made available under the section Connectors in the Licensing overview, regardless of any other licenses that you may already have.


  • Specify the URL used to open the Identity Director Management Portal in the form of:

  • Specify the Publication name of the service publication that contains the Ivanti Identity Director templates. If necessary, also specify the Publication password.
  • When configuring Ivanti Identity Director Integration, use the Test now button to validate whether you can actually connect to the specified catalog host. If communication is possible, a message "Connection successful" will be shown.