Dispatcher WebAPI settings

At Setup > Global Settings, you can define the general settings of your Ivanti Automation environment, and the default settings of Dispatchers and Agents.

Dispatcher WebAPI settings

WebAPI state

Specifies whether the Web API is disabled or enabled on Dispatchers. By default, the Dispatcher Web API is disabled for all Dispatchers.

  • If Enabled, the Dispatcher Web API communicates over port 80.
    • If the option SSL enabled is also selected, the Dispatcher Web API communicates over HTTPS using an SSL certificate. The default port number is 443. For AES-256 encrypted environments, SSL is enabled by default. Required fields are:
      • SSL certificate thumbprint: SSL certificate must be installed on the Dispatcher
      • SSL certificate store: store containing the SSL certificate in Local Computer (not Current User)
      • SSL certificate must have a private key
      • SSL certificate can be used in Microsoft IIS for a site binding. When creating the site binding, you may see an error message saying that "A specified logon session does not exist" when using that certificate that satisfies all of the above. Don’t use that certificate in the Web API configuration.
    • If you are hosting the web services on a different address (URL) and/or port number, you can specify an alternative base address and/or custom port number.

It is not necessary to manually configure these settings in the Dispatcher configuration file. The settings in the Dispatcher configuration file will be ignored when deploying the Dispatcher.

See also Web API for information on how to access the Web API and an overview of all available resources and actions.