The Agent+ uses the latest Microsoft tools. This has enhanced the legacy Agents with the following capabilities:

  • Improved scalability
  • Native 64-bit and 32-bit installer to maximize the hardware and operating systems possibilities
  • Use of push communication to proactively notify changes to the Agent+
  • The Agent+ logs events in the Event log, which can be viewed with e.g. the Event Viewer that is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System (see Administration Guide for complete list of Event logs)

With the Agent+, you can perform the same desktop automation Tasks on machines running the legacy Agent. There are some differences between the Agent and the Agent+ to keep in mind:


The Agent+ requires the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Full version) and a supported version of Microsoft Windows on the machine.


You can deploy the Agent+ directly from the Console. Ivanti Automation will automatically use the correct MSI file (x64 or x86), depending on the operating system of the target computer. It is also possible to install the Agent+ manually by saving the component as an MSI file. It is not possible to install the legacy Agent, if the Agent+ is already installed on the same machine.

Communication between Agent+ and Dispatcher

Besides the communication between Agent and Dispatcher (using port number 3163), the Agent+ also uses an additional communication method called push notifications. Via push notification messages, the Agent+ is informed when there are any changes for it to process, such as changes to the Agent+ properties, or Jobs to be performed. By default, the Agent+ uses port number 3162 to connect to a Dispatcher for receiving push notification messages. With the global setting Dispatcher push communication, you can specify a different port for this push communication between the Dispatchers (server) and Agents+ (clients).

IPv6 support

Besides IPv4, also IPv6 as Internet Protocol is supported for the communication to and from the Agent+. On the legacy Agents, only IPv4 addresses are supported.

Tasks "Exchange Mailbox"

The Agent+ supports Microsoft Exchange Servers 2010, 2013 and 2016. If you run the Tasks Create, Manage, Move, Export or Disable Exchange Mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Servers 2003 or 2007 using the Agent+, the Tasks will fail. On the legacy Agents, these Tasks will still run.

  • On the Agent+, List or Multi-select list parameters linked to Credentials parameters are not supported.
  • On the Agent+, leading and/or trailing spaces in parameter values are not removed at Job scheduling. On the legacy non-Windows Agents, the same applies. On the legacy Windows Agents, these leading and/or trailing spaces will be removed.
  • On the Agent+, the abort function does not behave as expected for the following Tasks:
    • Message Box (Show)
    • Secure Shell (SSH) Commands (Execute)
    • Windows PowerShell Script (Execute)
    • Ivanti Automation Results (Delete, Export)
    • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox (Create, Manage, Move, Export, Disable, Query)
    • Citrix Workflow (Invoke)
    • Citrix Published Applications (Query)
    • Parameters (Query)
    • Ivanti Automation Dispatchers (Discover)
    • Ivanti Automation Team Membership (Change)
    • E-mail (Send)