Add Printer, Remove Printer

Use the Tasks Add Printer and Remove Printer to add or remove printers on Agents.

  • With Add Printer, you can add printers and, if necessary, install their associated printer driver on Agents.
  • With Remove Printer, you can remove these printers from Agents.


  • When adding a local printer, the list of port names correspond to the port names that are known on the computer on which the Console runs.
  • When adding a network printer, it is obligatory to specify a TCP/IP port that is installed on the Agent. If it does not yet exist, a standard TCP/IP port will be installed by Ivanti Automation when the Task is executed. For the Agent+, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. For the legacy Agent, only IPv4 is supported.
  • A standard TCP/IP Port that is installed by Ivanti Automation uses the RAW printing protocol.
  • The default data type used in these Tasks is RAW.
  • A Task Remove Printer only removes printers from Agents; it does not remove printer drivers or ports.
  • Ivanti Automation can only install printer drivers that are digitally signed by an approved certification authority and only on Agents running on Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.