SNMP trap (Send)

Use the Task Send SNMP trap to send SNMP traps, which can be received by third-party SNMP managers, such as HP OpenView or CA Unicenter.

This Task is especially useful when combined with other Tasks in a Module. For example, you can use this Task to send a message when another Task fails.

This Task is closely related to the global setting Send SNMP trap:

  • With the global setting Send SNMP trap, you can specify whether Ivanti Automation sends an SNMP trap for every Job that is executed.
  • With the Task Send SNMP trap, you can send an SNMP trap only for the Job in which the Task is included.


  • Ivanti Automation uses its own mechanism when sending SNMP traps and therefore does not require the installation of SNMP agent software on the computers that run Ivanti Automation.
  • The SNMP protocol version and the community string (case-sensitive) that you specify in the Task needs to match the settings of the SNMP manager.
  • You can send the SNMP traps to one or more specific IP (IPv4 or IPv6) addresses or broadcast the trap on the local network.
    • When sending a request to an IPv6 destination, the SNMP Version should be set to SNMPv2c.
  • To receive the SNMP traps correctly in an SNMP manager, import or load the files resoneautomation.mib into this application, depending on the SNMP protocol version that you use. You can find the MIB files in the installation folder of the Console.