Converting the Datastore encryption using the Conversion Wizard

Before using the Conversion Tool, it is important to make the following preparations:

  1. Upgrade your Ivanti Automation environment to version 10.2 or higher.
  2. Make a back-up of your Datastore before running the Conversion Tool.
  3. Close all Consoles and Management Portal windows. Consoles and the Management Portal must not be (re)opened during conversion of the Datastore.

After the preparations have been completed, start the Conversion Tool by double-clicking on it and follow the steps as prompted.

  • In the step Datastore configuration, enter the connection settings for the Datastore.
    • If you run the Conversion Tool on a machine with Ivanti Automation installed, these settings will be pre-filled. Because of security reasons, the Password must be retyped manually for non-AES-256 encrypted Datastores.

    The wizard validates if the correct Datastore revision level is used.

  • In the step Convert or Verify, you can choose to:
    • Verify: with this option, the encryption type (legacy (displayed as Wisdom) or AES-256) will be verified for the specified Datastore.
    • Convert: with this option, the legacy encrypted fields will be converted to AES-256 encryption.
    • Additionally, you can set the scope:
      • Database Main Tables: Objects like Run Books, Projects and Modules, scheduled and active Jobs, all components.
      • Database History Tables: Job history.
    • Optionally, an estimation of the duration can be given before the conversion or verification.
  • Before the verification or conversion, you will get a summary of the selected operation and - if asked - the estimated time of the operation. Please note that:
    • When running the verification, your environment will be available for business operations.
    • When running the conversion:
      • the Datastore will be locked during conversion of the Database Main Tables.
        Dispatchers will be taken offline automatically.
        No Ivanti Automation Consoles, including the Management Portal, must be open.
        The Datastore cannot be accessed by other processes.
      • the Datastore will be available during conversion of the Database History Tables, with the exception of Job rescheduling.
  • After the verification or conversion, you will get an overview of the results. The detailed results of the operation can be viewed in the logfile that is stored in the same folder as the Conversion Tool.

Please note, that conversion of the Database Main Tables must not be interrupted.

Database History Tables

  • During conversion of the Database History Tables, the Ivanti Automation Conversion Tool can be canceled. You can start the Conversion Tool again to resume conversion.
    This should not be done during conversion of the Database Main Tables.
    Please note, that Cancel-and-Resume is not supported when performing an unattended conversion of the Datastore, using command-line parameters.
  • If Database History Tables is selected separately, this will only work after the Database Main Tables have been converted.